The Chen Qingzhou Martial Arts Association, USA

The Chen Qingzhou Martial Arts Association, USA (CQZMAA) was founded in June 1997 to promote the teachings of Chen style Taijiquan in the United States as passed down to Chen Qingzhou, a 19th-generation descendant of the Chen family, from Master Chen Zhaopei of the 18th generation. Activities of the CQZMAA are governed by its administrative board, consisting of Taijiquan instructors and consultants based in both the US and China.

CQZMAA officers
Standing: Tony Mak, Terry Chan, Tony Wong, Dan Gere, Maxwell Ho, Mark Chen
Seated: Chen Qingzhou

The Association's curriculum and forms include:

The Wen Xian School

Since 2001, one of the major efforts of the association has been to help raise funds for a new school facility in Wenxian, Henan Province, China. This school contains facilities for both Chen family Taijiquan training and also scholastic education for the children of the local villages. For more information, please contact NNRS.

Middle row from left: Chen Qingzhou, Chen Zhaokui, ?, Chen Wufang (father of Qingzhou), ?, Chen Zhaopi
Front row from left: Chen Xiaoxing, Zhu Tiancai, Chen Xiaowang